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Drift Silver Ring embodies the fluidity and grace of ocean currents, capturing the essence of movement and tranquillity. Its sleek, minimalist design reflects the timeless beauty of coastal aesthetics, echoing the gentle ripples and undulating waves along the shoreline. 


Wearable tribute to the beauty of the ocean. Wear a single ring or stack it up.Made using the traditional method of lost wax casting. Hand carved and sculpted in wax in my studio before being cast in recycled sterling silver and hand finished. 

• Recycled sterling silver

• Cast in Jewellery Quarter

• High quality sustainable jewellery

• Handmade entirely in the UK

• Small independent business

• Plastic free packaging

By the Sea Collection

Made to order


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All items are handcrafted individually and they will slightly vary from piece to piece which makes them completely unique.


Each ring is made specially for you. Please carefully measure your finger before ordering. Unsure about your ring size? No problem, read and download my free sizing guide and do get in touch if you need help to work it out.

Drift Silver Ring

Out of Stock

Handcrafted in the UK using 100% Recycled Sterling Silver (.925)

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