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mdk jewellery story


MDK Jewellery was born from passion for conscious choices, the environment, and travel. 


My name is Marzena and I am the founder, designer and maker of sustainable handmade jewellery that celebrates you.

My pieces are made for people who search beautiful, quality jewellery to be worn as a daily reminder of your own strength, beauty, and individuality.

Silversmith working at the bench


The key source of inspiration for my designs is nature, especially the UK's coast. But it also can be found in many other places - art, architecture or simply in texture of an old peeling paint.

Silver jewellery on a straw hat
White wall texture


The design process usually starts as a sketch. I then experiment with copper in order to come up with final designs and collections before handcrafting jewellery in recycled silver. I very much enjoy this stage of playing with metal until it feels like a complete piece.



As far as I can remember, I was always creating and making things. Postcards, posters, clay art, jewellery from old unused and broken pieces. My school notebooks were full of sketches, doodling and patterns. As a child, I spent hours at my dad's workshop, watching him work and doing my own little projects. I can still recall the smell of wood, varnish and grease.


In 2020, while looking for available courses in my local area I came across jewellery making classes and something just clicked. I enrolled immediately and attended evening classes in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. It gave me the basic knowledge of processes, tools and traditional silversmithing techniques. Afterwards I continued my training with online courses, where I could learn from my own bench at my own pace. 

In 2022 I decided to create an Instagram page to document and share my journey. I got such great support and interest from my followers that soon I started working on building my website to turn my hobby into a small business.

That’s how MDK Jewellery was born in my small home studio in Redditch, UK. In 2023 I launched my online shop along with a couple of small collections. I continue to learn new techniques and stay inspired as I progress along my silversmithing path, constantly evolving and expanding my skills.

Jewellery maker's bench


I happily welcome commissions so get in touch if you’re interested in bespoke handmade silver jewellery to mark a special occasion.

Silver jewellery set on a concrete coaster

Studio Hours: Monday to Thursday 10 - 4pm

                         Friday 10 - 1pm

If you’ve gotten this far and want to know more follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes from my studio, silver jewellery care tips, and early exclusive reveals of new jewellery drops.

      Have a ridiculously awesome day!

Marzena x

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