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Model wearing handmade silver Nereids necklace
Photo of sun setting at Newgale beach Wales

New summer jewellery collection

By the Sea

From golden dunes of Cornwall to rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, ‘By the Sea’ collection captures those moments of awe and connection with the formidable forces of nature. Each handcrafted piece of silver jewellery is a personal talisman, reminding you of your adventures.

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mdk jewellery studio bench

Sustainable handmade silver jewellery

MDK handmade jewellery is designed to celebrate the unique beauty and individuality of every person who wears it.


Each piece is carefully handmade in my home studio in Midlands, UK using 100% recycled solid silver.


jeweller working at the bench
heart shaped silver scrap
jewellers bench
branded jewellery packaging
mdk jewellery branded packaging
I've bought earrings and a bracelet for my special friend

Wow they are both amazing and unique. Definitely will be purchasing again. Very well made too and robust. Thank you MDK jewellery."

- Denise

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