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Classic and chic handmade Black Onyx stud earrings are set in recycled sterling silver, making them a timeless and versatile addition to any jewellery collection.


Not only are they stylish, but onyx is believed to have powerful properties. It is said to give strength, promote self-confidence, aid in wise decision-making, and bring happiness and good fortune. Additionally, black onyx is known for its grounding and balancing properties, and many cultures believe that it could absorb your negative energy.


These handmade recycled sterling silver earrings not only look great, but they may also bring positive energy to the wearer.


• 100% Eco friendly sterling silver

• High quality sustainable jewellery

• Plastic free packaging 

• Handmade entirely in the UK

• Small independent business

• Black Onyx

• Ready to ship


All items are handcrafted individually and they will slightly vary from piece to piece which makes them completely unique.

Black Onyx Silver Earrings

Out of Stock

Handcrafted in the UK using 100% Recycled Sterling Silver and fine silver (.925 and .999)

Gemstone: Onyx

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